World creator, detail oriented, project focused.

Eric “Glitchvid” is a games, art, and technology focused individual.


With a high-level understanding of many topics, he can quickly piece together information and learn new methods and concepts.  Constantly challenging himself and working with new technology is what drives his creative force.


Enjoying to work on multiple facets of a project, and not content with toiling away at menial tasks, Eric values a sense of deep involvement and contribution on a project.


It isn’t only about theory, and Eric demonstrates this.


  • Throne Ridge
    • Eric founded Throne Ridge as a developer collective, tasked with creating superior GMod Gamemodes.
    • Achivements
      • Learned Lua Programming
      • Extensive Project management
      • Hired external contractors
  • BrushBin
    • Experimental website for sharing ‘Valve Map Files’, currently deep in-dev.


  • NACL
    • NACL is a custom-build Ryzen server.  The onboard 1700X was chosen for its plentiful 8-core 16-thread count, and staggering base clock for a server.  A perfect hybrid for game, and mixed-load applications.  The AM4 platform is an extremely attractive price/performance achievement, and can allow for cheap and performant future server deployments if needed.  Eric negotiated a contract for NACL to be hosted in a private colocation data-center.
    • Achivements
      • IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack
      • Signed SSL + HTTP/2
      • Detailed monitoring
      • Powers majority of projects
      • RFC 2317 + RFC 8501 / rDNS best-practices


  • Business Card
    • The card was designed in Photoshop, and prototyped in Blender.   Eric contacted a printing house, and created the required printing masks.  A final production run of 1000 cards was produced.
    • Achivements

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