About Me

Mapping by day, compiling whenever!

I don’t have a mugshot, so have this one of an actual mug instead.

I’m a “Let’s work on something awesome!” type of guy.

At a young age I became interested with video games,  starting with my first game: Jak and Daxter, Though the largest impact was when I discovered Half-Life 2. Due to Source being a modder friendly engine, I learned how to create maps, textures, and all sorts of systems for my favorite games.  Eventually I was proficient and started branching out and exploring the minute intricacies of the engines I worked with, and this website is a testament to the documentation and explanation of what I discover, document, and create.

In addition to exploring game engines and creating content for them, I love seeing my work precipitate and inspire others, whether directly through releasing my work in open licenses, or by lighting a creative flame in other people.


Here are some of my close friends and people who inspire me to do great work:

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